The History -- Canada, United States, West Africa, Kuwait and the Domican Republic

CSJ Music and Productions is the brain child of Carlton "C-Mon-eh" Johnson.  Starting out as a DJ in the mid 8o's , C-Mon-eh has always been interested in making beats, rapping and singing.  In '94 C-Mon-eh started his first studio and has been making and producing beats ever since.  CSJ Music and Productions has been moving around the world meeting up with and collaborating with local artists creating eclectic mixes that are unique to our flow and style.  We have been in Canada, US and Africa, Kuwait and now in the  Dominican Republic.

Producers Picks

CSJ Music and  Productions has been travelling the world over the years, meeting and collaborating with many artists.  Kuwait has started the newest phase in our history where we hope creating singles and videos will be our  next formula to success.  The goal is to capture the essence and special moments during those chance encounters with artists in different countries that have "Mad Skillz"
As CSJ Music and Productions Carlton "C-Mon-eh" Johnson has been working and creating musical tracks with many artists.  Not all tracks got on to albums, but many were considered great songs none the less.  This album is a compilation of C-Mon-eh's tracks and some special songs that over the years have been waiting for the right moment to be released.  It is very chill album and is an eclectic mix of Old School Hip-Hop infused with elements of  Dancehall, Reggae and R&B.   There are samples, hooks and beats that have been in the works for over 20  years to create this album.
Carlton "C-Mon-eh" Johnson and Dramane "Chebeen" Bakwan form the core of the group Racine. In August 2011 after spending time together in Burkina Faso, Racine realized they had a love for a similar type of music and also had the belief that all roots begin in Africa. They embarked on a quest which has culminated into the album "Back to Roots". Back to Roots is an eclectic mix of roots reggae, dance hall, rap and R&B. This album has been sung in two different African dialects along with French and English. It is a true international compilation of different musical cultures.
Paul "GonFlawless" Vasquez and Carlton "C-Mon-eh" Johnson are the brains behind Shades of Brown. C-Mon-eh originally from Toronto, Canada resided in Phoenix for 7 years.  As a DJ, lyricist, and musician C-Mon-eh has been making and producing beats since'94. GonFlaw born and raised in Phoenix has been writing lyrics for years. GonFlaw has a very unique style and flow. Brought together by our love of music, our unique beats and flows gives SOB's music an original flava. Shades of Brown music is a cross of  hip-hop infused with hints of R&B, Reggae and Dance Hall
Call me SOB was the first album created under the label CSJ Music and Productions.  602 After Dark was the second major collaboration put together between  P. Vasquez and C. Johnson.  Both albums feature different guest artists that are from the streets of Phoenix.
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